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The earliest records of using gold for medicinal and healing purposes trace back to ancient Egypt. Over 5,000 years ago, Egyptians consumed gold to purify themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. The ancient Egyptians recognized that gold within the body worked by stimulating the life force and elevating vibration levels at all levels.

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The alchemists of Alexandria developed a "elixir" based on liquid gold. They believed that gold was a mystical metal representing the perfection of matter and that its presence in the body would animate, rejuvenate, and heal a multitude of diseases, leading to youthfulness and perfect health. The connection between health and the precious metal was established.

Paracelse, a 16th-century alchemist and father of modern medicine, discovered that ingesting microscopic gold particles rejuvenated cells and improved gland function. He even named his elixir Aurum potabile, meaning "potable gold."


Particle size allows for optimal absorption


Purity to assure highest quality

5000+ Years

A rich historical legacy


The gold nanoparticles in Alchemy Gold are approximately 10 nm (nanometers) in size, about 10,000 times smaller than a strand of hair. These tiny colloidal gold particles easily penetrate cell membranes and work effectively to provide relief from various physical and mental health conditions.


Colloidal gold acts as a natural stimulant for the cells in our body, enhancing the transmission of electrical signals between nerve cells in the brain and increasing mental alertness and concentration. It also functions as a powerful antioxidant, promoting better cellular and neuronal connectivity.

Regular supplementation with colloidal gold for one month has been shown to significantly improve a person's IQ. It has also been proven beneficial for individuals experiencing issues such as lack of concentration and memory loss, as colloidal gold restores healthy brain function.

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