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Rubedo, The Final Phase of the Great Alchemical Work

Rubedo, The Final Phase of the Great Alchemical Work

Introduction to Alchemy: Occult Science and Spiritual Connection


Alchemy can be defined as the occult science of the Middle Ages, used to establish correspondences between the material world and the spiritual and divine realm.

The Alchemical Allegory: From Impure Matter to Divinity

Or the art of purifying the impure by imitating and accelerating nature's operations to perfect matter. The allegory of turning lead into gold is a facade presented to the uninitiated, which in fact hides the true secret of transforming the base and imperfect man into a more than perfect God.

The Electric Ascent: From the Root Chakra to the Crown

Increasing one's electrical potential, thereby leaving the world of men to join, by vibrating at higher levels, the world of gods. We leave the world of low earthly vibrations associated with Vices, connected to the root chakra (associated with lead), to join the crown chakra (associated with Gold) and Virtue. Precious metal (Near the Heavens).

Gold and the Sun: Symbols of Perfection and Divinity in Alchemy

In Alchemy, gold, a more than perfect material, is intimately connected to the Sun, which represents the God of Pagans, Incas, Aztecs, Egyptians (Râ), etc. An infinite source of energy and a unifier around which everything revolves, like a Pha, Râ, On. Three words denoting light.

Occult Perspectives: The Alchemical View of the Universe

The Sun is the center of our solar system, as is the nucleus for the atom.

As a famous occultist once said; We are the gods of the atoms that make up us, but we are also the atoms of the gods that make up the universe. Manly P. Hall.

Rubedo: The Climax of the Great Alchemical Work

To conclude this article, we leave you with the definition of Rubedo; The third and final phase of the Great Alchemical Work is called Rubedo or reddening. The transmutation into gold represents the purification and illumination of consciousness, the elementary fire of the philosopher's stone. Symbolized by a Red Elixir, representing the unification of man (Limited) with the divine (Unlimited).